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Where and when I Teach

I first began teaching yoga within my local community hall in Earsdon in 2018, eager to coach and help students listen and connect to their inner selves and find the courage to step out of their comfort zones. Yoga is a practice that teaches us to be present in the moment and Eccles Hall provides a warm and inviting, community aspiring space we can all practice within.  It's a somewhere everyone can feel at home.  Eccles Hall is also particular special to me as I have witnessed so many people transform, make friends, attend with friends and collectively create an incredible source of energy.  Book a mat space now to find out how you can trully connect to 'You'! 


A testimonial from


Kerry began guiding our group at deaf awareness: NE through yoga practices in September 2020 and since then has delivered successful sessions both in person and online.

We found Kerry to be friendly, welcoming to all and very passionate about her practice. She exudes a sense of calm relaxation during the sessions, which is ideal for letting her students find their own way, without the nagging fear that they are doing something wrong.

Kerry has proved herself adaptable to the full inclusion of deaf and hard of hearing people, along with including people who have additional physical restrictions. Everyone, no matter their previous yoga experience, truly does feel welcomed and included.

We would certainly recommend Kerry for group yoga practice and can say with confidence how valuable a good morning stretch has been for many of our members.

Derek Craigie - CEO deaf awareness: NE  (charity number: 1178549)

'Shaping your Fitness, Shaping your Health, Shaping You' is Apex Pro Fitness's philosophy! 

I have worked alongside Danny, Anthony, Greg and Claire as a resident Yoga Teacher at Apex Pro Fitness for 2 years.  I offer members the opportunity to expand and enhance their training by delivering Dynamic Yoga. 

Fitness and Sports experts across the globe are recognising and incorporating Yoga within their fitness regimes.  The team at Apex Pro Fitness along with its members offer an amazing space for people to not only train, but to make new friends, attend team events and activities and create a real sense of community.  I love working with these amazing motivators!

What Advanced Electronics had to say about me: -

As an organisation we recognise the importance of employee wellbeing and have enjoyed working with Kerry to help deliver in this area.  Kerry has been able to adapt to a range of fitness levels and abilities and also in terms of how classes are delivered, currently running weekly Zoom yoga sessions for us.  Feedback has been great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.  Advanced Electronics Ltd.


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