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Students and Studios

It's been my dream to run my own Yoga studio for years, so I've been researching what it would take to set one up, as well as working my day job, teach 9 hours of yoga in the evenings and weekends, run a house, pay the bills and co-parent Aidan. Unfortunately, I don't have Wonder Woman's powers, a pot of gold, a millionaires bank account or anyone I can leave Aidan at home with whilst I jump in my car to deliver a yoga class every evening.

My Yoga teacher, Chris, asked me, "why do you want to own a studio Kerry, think about it?"... and so I did. I considered all the possibilities, intentions, objectives to reach this outcome. My dream of owning a yoga studio has turned more into a nightmare. The level of costs, responsibilities, risks, sacrifices, sleepless nights, stress, worry, bills, timing, and having to set everything up solely without any partnership or financial security and being able to sustain everything else in my life is a far cry from the visions and feelings of owning my own studio initially had. Why on earth would I want to create and bring all that anxiety into my life when it's my job as a teacher to help others reduce theirs. I turn to yoga to feel alive, light, happy, content and relaxed and I teach to observe and witness the transformations Yoga evokes within many of my students who walk away feeling enlightened, empowered, connected, and tuned in to themselves... so, I had an epiphany and found a new perspective. It's amazing what happens when we change the direction of our thoughts!

I started to think that I have achieved my dream. I am yoga teacher who delivers personalised, quality yoga classes, not by quantity! And, I do own a studio... because my students are who make it!

Yoga means to Yolk together, to Unify, to Unite and to Join. Yoga is a discipline of both your body and mind.

Where we practice or deliver yoga isn't the priority because, once we step onto our mats, the journey into our internal studio is! We leave our ego's at the door of any space we enter, and bare foot, create harmony, balance, and sense of calm with breath through movement. We discover what its like to consciously feel within and this is where our studio truly lays.

🏡They say it takes hands to build a house and hearts to build a home 🏡

💗 As a teacher, my students make my studio! 💗

🙏 Thank you to everyone who attends my classes and continues to support my passion to teach each and every yoga lesson.

See you all on your mats soon 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

Love and Light,


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