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Ill Dolce Far Niente

Derived from a scene in the movie and from the book 'Eat, Prey, Love' and spoken in Italian. Ill Dolce Far Niente means, 'The sweetness of doing nothing'.

When I first read Elizabeth Gilbert's story of her journey from divorce, to living and demolishing as much Italian food as she could in Italy. To finding herself in India, and then falling in love again in Bali, one particular sentence and scene really stood out for me and it made me question whether or not I believed that I could accomplish this unique and mindful practice myself.

The Italians are complete masters at enjoying and appreciating 'doing nothing'. They embrace this concept as part of their culture and way of life and they do it exceptionally well!

To enjoy the simplicity and pleasure of being idle and at the exact same time, feeling an appreciation for the moment in which we're all living is thought provoking in itself. Can we be mindful enough to acheive this?

To empty our minds and to literally stop thinking anything about anything, feels virtually impossible. Is it our culture, societies expectations, our brains or ego, is it a pre-set but limiting belief that is passed down to us from our generations, or a condition that we are made to believe growing up? Should we all be doing and working and striving to acheive more as opposed to appreciating our moments, being mindful of the time we spend doing less?

I for one enjoy the idea of sitting, just breathing and not having to think or be consciously aware of anything. However, to achieve this state of mind and presence without feeling guilty and that I should be doing something, is somewhat a huge mental and physical challenge for me as I'm certain it is for others.

I just can't sit still for a period of time without requiring something to distract or keep my mind busy whether it be working, planning, reading a book , watching a movie or listening to music or a podcast. Is there something wrong me? I feel I've been moulded and pigeon hold to follow the masses. How many of you can relate to this frustration and inability to sit still for one mere moment to embrace 'Ill Dolce Far Niente'?

Now there is some food for Italian thought!


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