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My Mantra

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

When we are faced with what feels like life’s toughest and most testing dilemmas and situations, whether that is within any of our relationships with family, friends or work. It is useful to take a step back, sit down, or even lie down, and simply focus on our breath. Allowing and giving ourselves permission to ‘just be’.

Consciously taking some long, deep inhales and noticing how they feel within your body, as you draw in the air, and hold it in for as long as is comfortable before letting go and releasing it, can very quickly begin to ground and reduce any fear, angst, worry and concern.

Sometimes however, the thoughts in our minds and the feelings in our hearts can create such moments of conflict and confusion that we are unable to differentiate and strip back those senses of overwhelming emotion, which is where using a combination of breathwork (Pranayama) and a mantra become exceptionally beneficial.

Whenever I find myself faced with a dilemma or situation which stirs such rapid and erratic thoughts and feelings. I use My Mantra, which came to me during one of my practices, and at a time when I needed to still the forever flowing thoughts, questions, search for solutions, and the constant anxiety and panic I felt whilst I was contemplating my life and the direction it was heading.

The Mantra I refer to is ‘There is no hurry to be anywhere but where you are right now’.

My Mantra has not only become part of my daily routine as it keeps me grounded. It also helps me stay focused and ensures that I consciously take efforts to not worry, and not overthink, and to cherish the moment I am living in. I no longer think too hard of the past because I have learned I cannot change what has happened. I stop myself thinking too hard about the future, as I am not yet in it. My Mantra has become a way of life for me and it has also become a way of life for those I teach.

So, whenever you feel a sense of overwhelming emotion and you feel there is no way forward. Tell yourself, ‘There is no hurry to be anywhere but where I am right now’ and honour the feelings which follow.

With Love and Light


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