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Our inner voice...

Change, it's what we can ALL fear isn't it!

Why is that? Is it because its the unknown? Is it because our inner voice creates such negative thoughts which in turn, generate ideas, stories and outcomes of situations which don't actually exist but are enough to prevent us from embracing change within our lives. Those negative, thoughts and voice within, magnifies our feelings of fear, so we stay living with what is already known to us, because it feels safer and familiar. Better the Devil you know, right?!

Have you noticed the voice inside that can forever chat away and has a dialogue within our minds? Of course you do, you know it very well, because its grown up with you. But, does it control who we actually are and what we want to do?

If you have no clue what I'm going on about. I think I can safely say, you live a very enlightened life. If you do know what I'm talking about and you'd like to know more about your inner voice and perhaps how to detach from it please, read on...

Our minds have the ability to overthink thoughts and scenarios, to the point you can often tell yourself, "I just can't stop thinking, I can't have this, I can't do this, and I'm exhausted". This is a form of self destruction. It can create nothing but suffering, worry, anxiety and panic. When thoughts and our inner voices constantly race, we can feel so overwhelmed with emotions we can't help but submit to them because its easier. We fear change, we fear decisions, we close doors to opportunity and we doubt everything. We allow and give power to that voice, which often guides us into an idea of a future that does not exist. Our feelings in those moments, are a manifestation of that voice and so are the thoughts that follow it.

So how do we begin to separate who we truly are, from the voice within us?

We start to listen and become more consciously aware of where we are in those moments when our minds are overthinking and that inner dialogue is overtalking.

We can choose to place our attention on other things, like perhaps taking a breath in, and a breath out. We don't distract ourselves and try to ignore the voice within. That would be counterproductive! We focus on a sound or something which allows us to observe the voice instead.

Once we become consciously aware that there is a voice and thought within. We begin to hear it more clearly and at that point, you can start to ask 'it' questions.

That question could be anything you desire. It could be that you ask your inner voice to just 'shut up and be quiet'!!!

But, be aware! because at first, the voice and thoughts inside will tell you a lie. They will tell you, they won't and can't stop, shut up or be quiet. They may tell you your world will fall down if you stop thinking. The inner voice can be a deceitful, ugly, cruel, berating liar, causing you to doubt your true self.

Eckhart Tolle said, "There is nobody that can't do something now, if you don't believe in the thought that tells you, you can't do it now".

So why do we trust our inner voice? and once we identify its existence, how do we ease or even get rid of it?

The best way I know how is from my own personal experience. Once I discovered my inner voice. I visualised extracting it from my mind, sitting it on a chair infront of me and gave it character and identity. My inner voice looks like a demon. It's small, cold, prickly, grey, almost gargoyle like. It is not my friend. It does not support me, it does not love me, it does not deserve to live within me. It has no heart. You can give your inner voice any shape, form, or identity that you deem fit, when you realise it is not your friend.

How did I learn to separate my true self from my inner voice (my demon). I always knew it was there from a very early age. I knew because it caused me anxiety, stress and misery and one day, I woke up and realised I didn't want to feel that way anymore. So, I learned to become more consciously aware of it and mindful. I practiced yoga, meditation. I self study subjects like psychology, emotional intelligence and communication. I became a Yoga teacher. I read books such as the 'Untethered Soul', 'Untamed', 'The Power of Now' to name a few. I read about philosophy, spiritual awakening and our chakras. But ultimately, I learned how to sit my demon infront of me when it tried its best to worm its way back into my mind, and confront the enemy it is to me. I understand that it does not serve me, so why would I choose now to trust it, and give it power. I don't!

Occasionally, its sneaky! If I'm feeling down or tired, it can sometimes find its way back into my mind, but it doesn't stay there very long. I always yank it back out and plonk it infront of me like a naughty school child and when I do that, it gets smaller each time. I almost pity it. It needs TLC and so I take it under my wing and tell it, it can still exist, so long as it doesn't give me grief!

If we allow and continue to trust our inner voice and the thoughts it generates. If we give it permission to control us. We will always overthink everything, we will always carry anxiety, stress, doubt, worry and panic. And we will always believe and fear that 'change' is not a good thing.

You don't have to do all of the things I have to take your demon under your wing. All you need to do, is practice the steps I've mentioned above and keep practising them. It won't happen over night. There is a discipline and journey you must take if you want to make peace with your demon, and breathing is your perfect anchor, grounding method and place to start.

Love and Light


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