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Are you a Beginner?

I'm about to start teaching two Beginner Yoga courses/classes this Autumn. The first one, at The Yoga Den in Morpeth and the second, at The Yoga Loft in Whitley Bay

I have researched and designed my courses ready to deliver to those who feel you are absolute beginners to Yoga, and what I've discovered along the way is that I too, am a beginner! 'What's that' I hear you say. 'You're the teacher, how can you be a beginner'? Well, let me explain...

Each and every time I step on my mat, I've literally no clue as to how I'm going to feel during the practice or class. I've no idea what to expect from my students as more often than not someone new will walk through the door without booking. I sometimes have to change the order of the poses during my classes depending on the energy and transitional movements we make and there are lots of other little distractions that can pull me and the rest of the class off focus too, especially mobile phones, even on vibrate, they can disturb the very essence of the moment that everyone is doing their utmost to honour. Yoga is of course a very mindful practice. I've entered halls and studios which are too cold, therefore have to completely shift what may be a softer flow to a 'lets build heat and fire in the belly' to warm everyone up as soon as possible...

How can I ever pre-empt or know exactly who and what I'm teaching when I've so many new scenarios which can all happen in one class? The answer is, I don't because I can't. I'm presented with new beginnings every time I enter and deliver a class, everytime I observe your movements, every time I need to cue a different pose, everytime I meet a new student and literally everytime I teach....

So, there you have it. I'm a beginner in the sense that I have to be prepared for anything and open to the fact that I'm always learning from a constant stream of experiences, opportunities, situations and sources. As I show up on my mat, I need to be ready to adapt, change, accept, align, re-align, adjust, transform and teach lessons that you are in a position to also accept and receive.

As your yoga teacher I make it my duty to welcome, encourage, support, hold a safe space, and explain in laymans terms what yoga is, what each of the postures are and what they offer to you. During my classes, I make sure we play, we explore, we have fun, we laugh, we discover and we feel!

If you're ready to embrace and try something new. Discover the real you and learn how yoga can transform your mind and body. Allow me to be your guide and lets both begin!



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