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A bit about me...

I have been a certified and registered Yoga teacher since 2018 and have studied this beautiful and ancient practice for over eight years.  My passion is Vinyasa Yoga because I love its fluidity and the way it makes me feel within my whole body.

Practiscing Vinyasa Yoga gives me a complete sense of space and freedom and the ability to move in whichever direction I choose without judgement or self-doubt.  It helps builds strength, power and resilience but also offers softness, grace and the integrity to follow my true instincts.

Yoga found me at a time in my life where I needed to feel like me again.  The hour I spent once a week when I first began practicing gave me hope, motivation, peace and if I am completely honest, relief!  It is my 'go to' therapy and makes me feel I'm completely at home within myself!

I now teach my own style Vinyasa Yoga, using a combination of principles to harness and connect our energy through various breathing methods (Pranayama), alongside physical movements and postures (Asanas), as well as guide our emotional and spiritual being, through meditation (Savasana).

Integrating yoga into my daily life as well as learning to teach and guide others, has completely transformed me.

When you step onto your mat, allow yourself an hour to ‘just be’, connect your body to your breath and feel every movement it makes.  Your journey within, begins... 

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