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Yoga with Kerry Wallace


Over the years I have developed my own style of Vinyasa Yoga.  Lacing together sequences of Postures (Asanas) to enable our bodies to move in a seamless flow. 

My classes are never the same.  I set various intentions depending on the energy I feel from my students and from the space where we collectively practice. 


My free-style yoga classes flow naturally and authentically and guide you to tune into your body and mind with greater ease.


I teach in venues around the beautiful coastal locations of Whitley Bay, Cullercoats, Tynemouth, North Shields and my home town, Earsdon.

About Me

Friendly, professional yoga instructor

I've been a certified 200hr YRT since 2018 and have studied this beautiful and ancient practice for over ten years.  My passion is Vinyasa Yoga as I love its fluidity and the way it makes me feel.


It provides space and the freedom to move in whichever direction I choose, without judgement or self-doubt.  It helps builds strength, power and resilience but also offers softness, grace and the integrity to follow my intuition.

Yoga found me at a time in my life where I needed it most.  The hour I spent once a week when I first began practicing gave me hope, drive, peace and relief!  It is my 'go to' therapy which changes my physical and mental well-being every time I step on my mat.

I now practice my own style Vinyasa Yoga, using a combination of principles to harness and connect our energy through the simplicity of the breath, movement and posture as well as meditation techniques to help tune and guide our emotional and physical awareness so we can arrive and be at one with ourselves.

Integrating yoga into daily practice with small mindful rituals as well as learning to teach others, has positively transformed me and my life.


When you give yourself a small pocket of time to ‘just be’, I believe your journey within truly begins...

About You

Because 'You' is what yoga is about...

I have so many types of students who attend my classes both in person and online.  All of them, having varying ranges of ability, goals they hope to achieve, mindsets they wish to change, new friends and likeminded people they would like to meet.  People who want a new form of exercise they can really learn to connect to and enjoy, and often, they have no prior experience of yoga at all.  Does that sound like you?


Perhaps you want to try a new hobby and set a new routine.  Maybe you would like to master a particular posture or set your own intentions.  Do you want to find out what Yoga can do for you?  What do you seek?  You have found me here for a reason, is it time to ask yourself why and do something about it? Yoga has a funny way of finding you!


My students come from lots of different backgrounds and all walks of life, all ages, all fitness levels and some have debilitating illnesses and conditions and look towards yoga to help ease their symptoms and pain.  What they find, irrespective of their level of health and fitness, is self confidence, connection and overall well-being.  A safe space to feel calm and an internal peace that feels like home.  Their mobility, flexibility and strength build.  They begin to glow from the inside out.  Why? well that is a question only you can answer.  Yoga is your personal journey, I am simply your guide.


Whatever your purpose is, I can assure a friendly welcome from attending one of my classes.  The transformations people go through are amazing to observe and I can guarantee you will experience a stimulated mind and body during and after your practice.


I look forward to seeing you on your mat! 


Love and Light


Yoga Class


Whether you are booking your first or your fiftieth class with me you should expect:

a friendly welcome

A big friendly welcome from me and a whole group of like minded people, who offer a calm, bright and supportive space for you to enjoy your yoga practice and make new friends.

a supportive teacher

A teacher committed to forming a relationship with you that is respectful, caring and one that encourages and reassures you to find a connection to your true self through your very own practice.

a focus on your wellbeing

A unique approach to teaching and healing.  One that is focused on true self connection, inspiration and which embodies your physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

A mind, body & soul WORKOUT

Fun, laughter, creativity, challenges, flexibility, mobility, strength, fitness, health, alignment, escape, focus, philosophy, transformation, energy and connection to your mind, body and soul.

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